About Founder: Who is Hyacinth?

Hyacinth Gayle is the founder of Stepping Forward into Freedom. Her inspiration of being an Image Consultation Coach began with the awakening of her own personal transformation that occurred in her late twenties. The shift that she experienced during that time brought on an immense affect in her being that her true calling was awakened since then.

Abandonment for Hyacinth began from her biological mother; as Hyacinth’s father abandoned her mother in the middle of her pregnancy. Hyacinth’s mother’s world shattered shortly after, triggering hate and shame to the entire experience of her pregnancy, sabotaging the unconditional union and love of mother and daughter.

The breakage of her mother’s bond came the day when she gave birth to Hyacinth. From that day forward, Hyacinth lost her identity and journeyed into a world of unknown, searching unconsciously for the love and bond that she once had when she was in her mother’s womb. Unfortunately, no one could remotely come close to filling that gap that her mother once filled, which provoked the feeling of isolation, rejection, and unloved.

Thereafter, the rejection she felt within started to mold her lost personality, and rattled the way she journey into the world of reality, causing many moments of devastation and the inability to ground herself as she experienced silent and vicious cycles of settled abuse within from being deserted.

After years of marriage and motherhood, Hyacinth realized the gap that she felt within all these years was still very raw and unhealed. She started to do some soul searching, when the thought of her mother came to mind. As Hyacinth reflected on her own motherhood to her children, and in comparison to her own mother, she couldn’t fathom her mother’s choice and the decisions that she had made.

With confusion and still unanswered questions, Hyacinth found the courage one day, to confront her mother and ask her for her reason why she had neglected her at an infant age. Hoping to get a deeper understanding of her mother’s state of mind during her childhood, Hyacinth wrote a letter to her hoping to get some answers. The response that she received from her mother put Hyacinth in a complete disbelief because her mother shifted the blame from herself and took no responsibility for the  part that she played in the abandonment.

Traumatized by the outcome of her mother’s response, Hyacinth was left heart broken, insignificant and lifeless. This experience destroyed Hyacinth emotionally, leaving her completely vulnerable and losing grip on the foundation that she once stood on.  With nothing to hold on to, Hyacinth was left to surrender herself to the numbness that took over her being, leaving her with no real destiny to follow, and inadvertently the Bible became her refuge.

Psalm 27: 10-11, when Hyacinth’s mother and father forsook her, the lord took her up. He became the pillar for Hyacinth to lay her weary head. She discovered a tower of strength and was led in a plain path that helps her to be the woman she is today. Hyacinth was enlightened with Psalm 139:14 “…we are fearfully and wonderfully made…” It gave her clarity and understanding that she too was included. These scriptures sparked hyacinth’s Stepping Forward Into Freedom transformation to help women project the pure essence of their inner beauty and elegance from the inside out.

As a result, Hyacinth found a reservoir to supply her with the fuel that she desired from the passages that she read. It was enough to fill up the empty space that was within, and it anchored an awakening to her life’s purpose, by the means of helping those who have also been neglected at one point of their lives, and whom are looking for a foundation to hold on to and to inspire from.

Hyacinth’s journey at last brought her to a place where she realized her true purpose is to help women and girls work through their personal issues, and find their own space and comfort in society.