What inspired me in becoming an Image Consultant and Wellness Coach?

My passion for becoming a Image Consultant and Wellness Coach was not something that I planned. It was not one of my short term, or long term goals and not even a career choice. It just fell into place after I realized that it was time for a change and I earnestly sought the counsel of God for His direction.

I was always a professional and purpose driven woman with a desire and a passion to lead and help others especially women and children. I spent many years pursuing a home management position in taking care of the family, and a professional career in the community as a Day program counsellor attending to the Special Needs of my clients.

One day an unusual situation arose that brought me to the realization that there was a greater calling from a higher source upon my life. This ignited a burning passion on the inside, enough for me to make a shift in my career path. This means in order to adhere to the calling a change had to take place. Everything that occurred was out of my control, and the new awakening was beyond my comprehension. It influenced the change in my family life as well as my career path. This took obedience, discipline and determination for the transition to occur in order to step forward into the destiny and autonomy that was predestined for me.

The quality of time that I invested with my family and as a counsellor was very rewarding and fulfilling. I was blest with that opportunity, but the time came for the closing of that chapter of my life because God had another assignment for me. I was uncertain of what that was at the time, but I knew that I was being led to step forward to take on the challenge with boldness.

During the process of my transition, my passion led me back into the Social Service Sector where I decided to study the Assaulted Women Children and Counsellor Advocate Program. The program was completed with honours, and it was then that I was propelled by a divine awareness to pursue this new assignment in helping women and girls find their inner healing of the soul, to reconnect with who they are so as to feel better about themselves projecting that inner beauty from the inside out and claiming their purpose and destiny.

I am convinced that based on my maturity, spirituality, personality, my own lived life experience, work experiences, and training I am confident to work independently with women and girls issues including all forms of abuse from the inside out. As I proceeded to go forward with my business plan, I realized that when I worked with the women from the inside out I was still missing the finishing piece.

I was unclear of what that piece was, until it was brought to my attention that I had a flare for style, fashion and elegance. I became aware that I had a natural ability to know when the clothes work well on me as well as others. Overall, I have an exquisite taste in my wardrobe selection and was always complimented by friends, family members and strangers on my attire, leaving them with an impact.

This tells me that my outer appearance sends a non-verbal message to society. Interestingly, my new venture for the finishing piece of helping women stepping forward into freedom was unfolded and everything fell into place. This confirms that in all occasions women should convey a message through their sense of pride with a capacity of sophistication. Their appearance should speak for them and add to their power and presence when they enter a room.

I am now doing what I love which is working as a Image Consultant and Wellness Coach. I completed my studies under the training of Karen Brungner at the International Institute of Toronto. In conclusion I can confidently say that I acquired the skills and I have discovered my true passion to help women and girls.  Come along with me and step forward into your freedom.