Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between a lady and a woman?

 Well, I have and so I took the time to analyze the difference. First of all I will give you examples through the parallel term.

Woman is the generic word for a female human being. It is by birth, and she could be many things which make her more versatile.

 A lady is the same human being of the same gender born as a woman but chose to be a lady by choice or action of how she would like to be.

 She possesses refined behavior, polished speech, defining qualities such as sophistication, and deemed as classy and always present.

 She demonstrate a consistent politeness to all those that enter in her space. A lady takes great pride in everything that she does.

 She takes the time to draw from her inner beauty and coupled it with her personality style.

 She designed a platform of her own from which she display temperance of voice, and mannerism united with an aura of gentility distinguished, distinctive and a keen sense of graciousness.