H-Rectangle Body Shape

God has created everyone in His own likeness, but yet we all have different features and different body shapes.

Here is a question for you today:

 Have you identified your body shape and learned the know-how to appropriately dress your body to look your very best?

Today I am giving you a brief synopsis of the H- Rectangle Body Shape.

H-Rectangle Body Shape is classified to be a boyish straight built up and down figure.

  • Women with this body shape have shoulders, waist and hips that are all about the same measurement in width
  • you have a small- medium size bust
  • You have very small portions of curves and an undefined waist definition. Women with this body shape must learn to dress the body to have a more feminine look that will flatter and bring out the very best in complimenting their figure.When dressing this body shape the objective is to create the illusion of a waist distinction.  All highlighting or details must be placed on the upper top part of your clothing above the bust, or below the natural waist, but nothing should rest on to the waist because you need to keep the focus away from the waist so as not to draw attention.Below there is a Semi Casual Outfit:

    Moschino C&C Orange blazer to put some brightness and colour back into the gloomy wintery season

    Black Ted Baker with a Boot-Cut taper to the knee and then slightly flared out bottom to accommodate shoes or boots.

    Black Coach Harlee Heel and a Black Mulberry bayswater designer leather bag.