Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you taking care of your health?

Eating the right diet is as fundamental to keeping a positive perspective

This is a brief list of key components to optimum health and Wellness.

Simple steps:

  1. Watch what you eat
  2. pay attention to proportion, by eating in moderation
  3. Keep the intake of Carbs moderate, to low.
  4. Avoid bad carbs. (Examples) wheat products, pastries, sodas, crackers, chips, bottle juices etc.
  5. Stick with good carbs, Such as natural fruit juice with fibre, vegetables, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery, kale, cauliflower, and romaine lettuce, as well as fresh fruits and water.

         Other Reminder  

Exercise: you can walk 30 min a day 3 times per week, it does help. Remember at least eight hours of sleep to help the body rejuvenate.

        Finally, give a smile

Smiling can help you manage stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins.